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Organic Baby Wash
Extra mild 100% olive castile with organic jojoba oil and organic calendula, althea and lady's mantle herbal extracts and fresh, organic essential oils to cleanse little bodies and little heads with little hair. New larger size!
8 oz.   $16.95     493-700
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Please also take a look at our Fragrance-free Gentle Bath Gel which is a lovely 100% Olive Castile cleansing wash, perfect for extra-sensitive individuals, expectant moms or nursing moms and newborns, dads, grandma and grandpa. Everyone in the family!

Organic Baby Massage Oil
The finest in the land! Silky, organic sunflower and jojoba oils infused with organic calendula and chamomile and relaxing, organic essential oils to communicate love, love, love to your little blessing.
8 oz.   $16.95     493-701
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Organic Baby Body Lotion
Pure organic sunflower, jojoba and coconut oils, with organic herbs, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax and sweet organic essential oils to soften and protect baby's skin. Softens mom's hands too! New larger size!
8 oz.   $22.50     493-702
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Click to enlarge... Organic Terrific Tush Treatment Push-up
Soothing! Rich, non-greasy protective cream to help keep tush problems away from baby's behind. Traditional Ayurvedic "skin healer" organic centella asiatica infused in organic oils and butters, including our delightfully aromatic and organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax and just a touch of organic essential oils. Dad loves this cream too - great for dry hands! New, convenient package for one-handed application to squirming squigglers.
3 oz.   $18.95     493-705
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Organic Terrific Tush Treatment
Our ever-popular organic treatment (same product as above) for terrific tushes (and mom's hard-working hands, and everything in-between), in a 2 oz. jar.
2 oz.   $13.95     493-704
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Click to enlarge...Organic Baby Care Sampler
Samples of Baby Wash, Massage Oil, Tush Treatment and Body Lotion peek through the window of a gold square box with gold bow. Great gift!
$16.95     493-797
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We think that it is a good idea to wait until baby is at least four months old to begin using most personal care products. For most infants, most of the time, a warm damp cloth is all that is needed to keep baby clean. For those especially icky moments, using just a tiny amount, 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of our Organic Baby Wash on a warm wet cloth is all that is needed to kindly clean your little one. Don't forget to rinse well with lots of warm, filtered water!

Terrific Tush Treatment is a tender cream gentle enough to use on most children - not just for the tush, suitable for dry skin all over. Organic Baby Massage Oil is soft and light, perfect for a sweet stimulating massage for just about everyone. Our light Organic Baby Body Lotion is wonderful for older children and moms and dads!

New humans need time to adjust to the environment outside of the womb, but also, perhaps more importantly, babies need to bond with mom & dad and part of the bonding process occurs through neurological scent imprinting. There is some interesting research on the physiological effects of chemical fragrance that raises good questions about possible effects on neurological development. We think that it is a good idea to give infants some time to adjust their new world - 2-3 months - before using most body care products. You'll find that for this initial period of baby's life, our simple cleanser and perhaps a little of our baby oil will be all that you need to help baby ease into the 21st century. Moms (and dads!) might even want to consider trying our complete line of super clean fragrance-free facial, body and hair care products.

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Asthma, allergies, hyperactivity, cancer, developmental disorders, aggressive and violent behaviors...where does it end? You want to protect your child from the bad things in the world and provide the best nourishment so that he or she will have the best foundation possible for a strong, well-developed immune system. You buy organic food, use organic cotton clothing and diapers and buy all of your baby's personal care products at the local health food store.

Regulations define the word organic for the foods that you buy. Sadly, there are no regulations defining the word organic for labeling of personal care products. Did you know that?

We think that natural body care products that are labeled as organic should contain ingredients that you wouldn't be afraid to eat. After all, isn't that how the word organic is interpreted in the natural health food industry--to define the purity of food? When we mix our small, pure batches of organic foods and create our organic baby body care products for you, we're proud that we use only the healthiest ingredients to make what we think of as food for the skin. You'll love the fresh smells of our cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, organic karite nut butter, organic marshmallow root and organic chamomile and organic vanilla and organic orange oils. You can smell and feel the difference on your skin and on your baby. Soft, protective, pure.

You've got enough on your mind. Why do you need to study labels on body care products? The 1993 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report "Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children" included recommendations that: all sources of (pesticide) exposure be considered (when attempting to reduce your child's pesticide exposure). The NAS report concluded that in the absence of other factors, "infants and children are subject to rapid tissue growth and development, which will have an impact on cancer risk."

Did you know that 60% of what you rub onto your child's skin is absorbed through the skin and can be detected in the blood within minutes? Children's bodies are small and because they do not have an adult's ability to detoxify and excrete toxins, they absorb proportionally higher doses of toxins per unit of body weight, which means that their organs may suffer permanent and irreversible damage more quickly because they are not fully developed.

Chemicals in body care products have been linked to reproductive problems in both women (e.g., endometriosis and the increasingly early onset of puberty in young girls) and men (e.g., falling sperm counts and congenital birth defects of the reproductive organs) and to some cancers. Many synthetic chemicals have also been linked to developmental deficiencies and learning disabilities in children. The FDA website has an update that lists some body care chemicals (some found in "natural" baby body care products!) that were found cause to cancer in laboratory animals. The National Toxicology Program (NTP) recently found that repeated application to skin of some of these chemicals (that the FDA lists)-- diethanolamine (DEA), or its fatty acid derivative cocamide DEA--induced liver and kidney cancer. NTP also emphasized that DEA is readily absorbed through the skin and accumulates in organs, such as the brain, where it induces chronic toxic effects. Chemicals from the FDA list like cocamide DEA, lauramide DEA or MEA or triethanolamine (TEA) don't belong in baby products or body care for anybody! (These chemicals are also found in dishwashing detergents.)

Because children are more susceptible to these toxins than adults, we need to be especially careful about what they inhale and what we rub onto their skin. Problems from synthetic "fragrance" reported to the FDA have included headaches, dizziness, rashes, skin discoloration, violent coughing and vomiting, and allergic skin irritation. Exposure to fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, irritability, inability to cope, and other behavioral changes. Did you know that fragrance chemical ingredients don't need to be included on product labels? Remember, babies can't tell you that they are experiencing a migraine or lung tightness when you use the lotion with a synthetic "fruity" fragrance.

Here's the bottom line: chemicals pollute the planet in their manufacture and they pollute your body and your home. They don't benefit you or your children in any way. So why use them at all?

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