“Organic” personal care products have become Wall Street's latest cash cow—and the cow is not organic. Adding the words natural and organic to product labels and marketing copy can increase a company's revenues by an astonishing 20 percent or more per year. With so many companies, retailers, and marketers getting in on the game, the revenues of the “natural” personal care products industry have almost tripled in just the last three years, from $1.5 billion to $4 billion, and industry forecasts predict that that rate of growth will continue for the next few years.
        With so much money involved, parents need to stay aware and protect their families from the personal care products industry's flagrant deceptions.

J A M E S   H A H N   &   D I A N A   K A Y E

James Hahn and Diana Kaye are founders of Terressentials, a company of body care crafters who base their recipes on fresh, food-grade, certified-organic ingredients and natural minerals approved for use in growing and processing certified organic foods. Their web address is terressentials.com. To learn more about the natural and synthetic ingredients of personal care products, see “The Healthy Person's Guide to Personal Care Ingredients.”

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