Terressentials Free Shipping Special!

The Terressentials Free Shipping Special has ended. What follows is an archive of our no-longer-current Free Shipping page. Thank you!

Please read this page before contacting Terressentials with questions about the Free Shipping Special. Thank you!

or a very limited time, we’re offering free shipping to destinations in the contiguous US on typical online retail orders of $90 or more (product total excluding any applicable taxes) that meet the conditions below. If your order qualifies, all you have to do is look for the box on the order page that says “Questions and/or comments” and enter the special passphrase that is shown elsewhere on this page!

(The special passphrase is not “The special passphrase.”)

Email receipts for all orders will show normal shipping and handling charges, but if your order qualifies for free shipping and you have entered the special passphrase, your order total will automatically be adjusted during processing. If your order qualifies, you will be sent confirmation via email the day after you submit it.

Please note: we reduce handling costs with an automated order processing system. This system ensures that the processing of your order is as swift and error-free as possible. Your order will be electronically processed, printed and passed to a parcel-packing professional after you submit it via the web site. Orders that qualify for our free shipping special take advantage of our efficient process. Orders with corrections via email, changes, missing apartment numbers or other address data, declined credit cards, requests for information, or other things that require atypical handling (at our discretion) don’t qualify for our free shipping special. Make sure your name, address, contact information and product selection are complete and correct at the time you place your order.

If you wish to receive free shipping on your qualifying order, you must enter the special passphrase in the “Questions and/or comments” box of the online “shopping cart” at the time you submit your online order.

We reserve the right to rescind or modify this special offer at any time. So take advantage of it before we come to our senses!

Q.: I don’t know what the special passphrase is. If I contact Terressentials to find out what it is, will my order qualify for the free shipping special?

A.: Sorry, no, because we really want you to read the terms on this page so that you won’t have problems qualifying for the free shipping special. The special passphrase is somewhere on this page.

Q.: If I forget to type the special passphrase in the “Questions and/or comments” box of the online “shopping cart,” may I send it in via email or phone afterwards and get my free shipping?

A.: Sorry, no, that won’t work, because our order processing system is automated. Orders that require additional handling once they have been submitted don’t qualify for the free shipping special.

Q.: If I misspell, rephrase, translate or otherwise change the special passphrase, will I still get my free shipping? For example, if I enter “Might my parcel perchance be dispatched gratis?” or “Can I please get free shipping?"—will my shipping be free?

A.: We’re afraid not. Our automated order processing system takes that sort of thing quite literally. It might be best to save your creative impulses for that novel you’ve been thinking about writing.

Q.: If my product total is too low or my order doesn’t qualify for free shipping for any other reason, will you hold my order and contact me so I can have you make a change to my order?

A.: Sorry, no, because orders that require additional handling once they have been submitted don’t qualify for the free shipping special. All orders are processed and shipped as swiftly as possible. If you wish to take advantage of our free shipping special, do take care to ensure that your order qualifies by meeting the conditions we’ve noted on this page.

Q.: In order to qualify for free shipping, I must order $90 worth of products including shipping, is that correct?

A.: No, that is not correct. Your product total alone must be equal to or greater than $90. If you order, for example, $85 worth of Terressentials products, you will be charged the normal amount for shipping and handling. It would be smart to add something to your order at that point so that you qualify for free shipping.

Q.: If I place an order that doesn’t qualify for the free shipping special because, say, I’ve requested additional handling, may I cancel my order and resubmit it to qualify for free shipping?

A.: No. That would make our handling process inefficient. Resubmitted orders don’t qualify for our free shipping special.

Q.: What is the special passphrase?

A.: Thank you very much for reading this page. Sometimes, customers don’t take a moment to understand what the terms of our free shipping special are, then they disqualify their order by inadvertantly requiring special handling. We don’t want this to happen to you. The special passphrase is Deduct my shipping and handling charges!

Q.: Will I be able to take advantage of the Free Shipping Special after it has ended?

A.: No, you will not. When this special offer is over, normal shipping charges will be applied to all orders.