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USDA National Organic Program






Organic Facial Care:
Flower Therapy

Organic Skin Care: Fragrance-free/Sensitive

All-Organic Lip Protectors
New flavors!

Super Protection Deodorants

All-Organic Body Cremes

Anointing Body Oils

Real Soap for Hands

Organic Moisturizers

Hair Care

Body Washes and
Bar Soaps (New!)

Bath and Body Tools, Brushes and Hair Accessories

Organic Baby Care

Organic Baby Care: Fragrance-free

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Organic Treats:
Coffee and Chocolate

Fair Trade and

Fair Trade and
Handmade Scarves

Fair Trade and Handmade Handbags, Cases and Wallets

Fair Trade and
Handmade Jewelry

Fair Trade and
Handmade Home Decor

Artisan-designed and Sustainably made Greeting Cards and Stationery

Freshen up. Seize the day. Save the planet. Yeah!

elcome to the fresh and new Terressentials web site! We are artisan hand-crafters of a wide range of authentic certified organic products: organic skin care, hair care, organic baby products, and other goods made with certified organic oils, herbs and butters.

We are here for you discriminating seekers of genuine certified organic personal care products, who scorn hype, scrutinize labels, demand accountability, and hunger for pristine skin, hair and body cleansing and nourishment. We’re thrilled that you found us! Terressentials is your organic soulmate!

We’re proud to share that we are deeply, extremely committed to producing a wide range of artisan hand-crafted and amazing certified organic products for your organic and vibrant face, body and hair. We’re honored to have delivered our certified organic personal care delights to the thousands of incredibly smart and cool humans dancing around the Earth who have kindly helped us to grow our business with their enthusiastic, happy buzzing.

Terressentials isn’t like other companies. We’ve grown our business for twenty-five years in alignment with our passion for organic principles and our unwillingness to compromise quality for quantity. We have undergone the rigorous scrutiny of the organic certification process—that’s right, certification to our USDA National Organic Progam of the United States of America. Talk about complicating our lives! But to us the complications and intrusions of third-party verification are worth it, because we’re doing it all for you. Certified organic equals cleaner waterways, fresher air, and healthier bodies and minds.

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