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West Virginia

We wanted to let you all know that, because so many of you wonderful folks have expressed the desire to be able to purchase our super natural body care products in stores near your homes and workplaces, we have been trying to respond to your requests by calling and visiting as many stores as we can to introduce ourselves and our products to store owners and buyers. The stores who are represented on this list are, in our opinion, some of the finest stores in the country. Our evaluation is based upon certain criteria that stores must meet in order to best represent our products and to serve you, their most demanding customers.

We look for independently-owned natural products stores and small chains, holistic spas and natural pharmacies that are clean, well-lit, aesthetically pleasing and in centrally located shopping neighborhoods. The staff must be friendly and above average in their quest for knowledge and the truth, with concern for the health of our planet and planetmates. In short, we look for good partners. People who are honest, interesting, intelligent, environmentally-aware, fun and nice. If they offer organic food and/or organic clothing - wonderful!

We're sorry to say that we do not have stores in every town and city - yet. We want you to know, however, that it is our intent to improve the world and to raise awareness of organic farming and organic ingredients. We'd also like to begin a revolution against the nonchalant, everyday use of common toxic chemicals, particularly in body care products, and we are totally committed to our goal. Every revolution requires people and the environmental revolution needs your help. If you know of a good store that you would like to see offering our products, please, tell them about our company. We have found that store owners and buyers are much more interested in hearing about new products from you, their customer. You may also certainly tell us about a store that you really like. We are always pleased to learn about new, good stores. We promise you that, if you should tell us about a store, we will contact the owner to introduce ourselves.

Here's how serious we are about finding stores and responding to your requests and suggestions: since 1997 we have contacted over one thousand stores to introduce ourselves and our products. One would think that a store that uses the words "health," "natural" or "organic" in its name would be thrilled to hear about our company and products and would jump at the opportunity to have wonderful and unique truly natural and organic body care products. Not so! Many times the store buyers are reluctant to offer products simply because they haven't heard about the products before, or because they can't buy the products at a deep discount from their convenient "one-stop" distributor. Sometimes store owners and buyers are, to put it bluntly, uninformed, and think that all of the body care products in their store are "all natural" simply because the bottle or their distributor's catalog says so. After all, doing research takes time and isn't everyone busy? One store in California told us that they couldn't offer our products because it would make all of their body care products look bad by comparison! Other stores base their decisions strictly on profit and won't offer products from companies who can't afford to pay (or won't pay) "slotting" fees for shelving space.

The reason that we mention these issues is because we'd like to contrast and compare those stores to the wonderful stores that DO offer our products. Please support the stores that carry the TerrEssentials products. These are good stores, good people who are committed to organics and health, committed to learning and sharing knowledge and to being truly environmental, committed to the ideals that WE all share. They deserve your business and to be successful.

Following is the list of stores that carry TerrEssentials products. Please be aware that not every store carries all of our products. If there is a particular item that you are interested in, please call them first to be sure they have what you'd like before you drive there.


8342 N. 7th Street
Phoenix AZ 85020



21825 Sherman Way
Canoga Park CA 91303

818 348-0291

1923 Calle Barcelona
Carlsbad CA 92009

760 334-7755

543 South Coast Hwy.
Encinitas CA 92024

760 753-7420

1633 S. Centre City Pkwy.
Escondido CA 92025

760 489-7755

12853 El Camino Real
San Diego CA 92130

858 793-7755

10511 4S Commons Drive
Suite #155
San Diego CA 92127

858 432-7755

4765 Voltaire Street
San Diego CA 92107

619 224-2089

13344 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks CA 91423

818 728-4305

DIAMOND ORGANIC (mail/phone/online orders only)
384 Pine Street
Watsonville CA 95076

888 674-2642



313 West State Street
Geneva IL 60134

630 262-8050


2650 Old National Pike
Middletown MD 21769
(Click here for a map.)

Hours: 10 to 5 weekdays, 11 to 4 Saturdays.

This shop is our all-time favorite - our very own Terressentials store (OK, so we're biased). Our shop, a boutique, if you will, established in 1996, is, or so we've been told, a touch of New York with a dash of California and a whiff of Europe surprisingly nestled in the foothills of South Mountain, surrounded by cows of many colors and bucolic pastures, overlooking the Middletown Valley, just one hour north of the nation's capitol. If you're burning for a peaceful drive in the countryside, here's a great opportunity to make a stop at our humble store where you'll never have to scrutinize ingredient listings, hunt for a parking spot or search for someone to assist you.

Our tall wooden building is reminiscent of a California winery as you turn off the road onto the farm. The store has a covered front porch made pleasant with locally-made pine benches and potted herbs and flowers. If you care to, take a peek at our herb gardens (a continual work in progress) and our mountaintop view just around the corner of the building (the best views are from May to July).

As you enter the store, you are delightfully tantalized by a sensuous blend of essential oils emanating from the lovely natural and organic botanical products within. The eye is soothed by colors that are rich and elegant and by lighting that is warm and friendly. Your spirit is tickled with happy music and your questions answered by polite and cheerful members of the staff. Many adventurous travelers happen upon our shop by chance and are delighted to discover us and nearly always make it a point to return, particularly after they've tried the beautiful Terressentials body care items. Watch out though! You might just bump into Diana or Jim as they're passing through the store and catch an earful of their global organic and environmental philosophies, recommendations for intriguing cinema or tips for excellent local vegetarian Asian or Italian dinner up and over the mountain in historic downtown Frederick. Come up to Terressentials for a visit!

100 East Patrick Street
Frederick MD 21701
(Click here for a map.)

301 378-0069

Hours: 10 to 6 Tuesdays through Saturdays (until 9 on the first Saturday of each month), 11 to 6 Sundays.

How could we not open an all-new deep green store in downtown Frederick, MD, with its eminently walkable streets and canal, historic architecture, great mix of restaurants and lively, European feeling? Situated near the Library, our new store is loads of fun, and is the ideal place to find the finest organic and fair trade handcrafts of all kinds.

We've searched the world for you and offer an exciting array of gorgeous handwoven silk, wool and cotton scarves, shawls and hats, unique handmade silk, wool and sisal hemp handbags, stunning beaded jewelry, pottery, wooden sculptures, adorable organic cotton baby toys, blankets and clothing, luscious organic chocolates, yummy herbal teas and, of course, all of our own delicious artisan handcrafted USDA-certified organic body care products for every member of the family. Why not plan to visit our lovely shop in our charming historic city today?

Here's a NY Times article about historic Frederick.


106 W. Ludington Avenue
Ludington MI 49431

231 843-1000


217 Fairmont Avenue
Fairmont WV 26554

304 363-7316


974 West Broadway
Jackson WY 83001

307 733-0450

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