Unsolicited Testimonials about Terressentials Products

recently purchased several products from Terressentials, both to give as gifts to others and to myself. I must say the entire shopping experience was top notch. From placing the order to the communication from Terressentials via e-mail regarding order fulfillment and shipping, well, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Terressentials truly cares about their customers, new and established. I have been using the Sultry Spice Pure Earth Hair Wash for about a week now. I must say I was skeptical and a little worried at first. I have hair that reaches the middle of my back in length and it can get rather oily if it isn’t washed every day. With a toddler here at home and free time at a premium for me, showering every day is a luxury. But to get to the point…the hair wash is simply phenomenal. I cannot stress enough how well this stuff cleans my hair, and without stripping it and leaving it a static filled, knotty mess. And the smell, oh my goodness, the smell of my hair is just incredible. I want to sleep with a blanket of my hair.

I want to personally thank James Hahn and Diana Kaye for caring so much about their fellow humans to have created skin and hair care products for us and our babies! They have done our homework for us, they have tirelessly researched to create the products that may help us to live longer healthier lives. THANK YOU!

Keep up the great work. If I lived closer, I would certainly love to work for your company!

A loyal customer from here on…
Marjorie L., Silver Spring MD